Monday, April 23, 2007

Strippy Update

The columns are done for my Strippy LE. I laid out four of the six on the couch to see how they looked. The advent of this project was so mindless... I finally had to sit down and do the math. I had all these strips left over and couldn't figure out why. *scratches head* Well when you don't figure out how many pieced strips you need up front that's what happens. So now I have starter dough for my next LE. :D

I want this to look like one of those old quilts from the mid to late 1800's, red, cheddar and sage green with unbleached muslin. Before the columns were even built I bought the red, cheddar and sage. I wasn't entirely convinced the cheddar (okay, Su... stop snickering *orange*) was the right one, but I bought two yards anyway.

*Gak* That'll teach me I should try before I buy. I hated it, too much! Back to the fabric store.

Much better. This orange is called "School Bus". I never saw a school bus this color, have you?! I've spent some time pressing and trimmnig the columns to a nice 1/4" seam allowance. They're all set. And there it sits... all inspiration gone at the moment. Why does that happen?


Patti said...

Looking good to me!

Rosy said...

Keep going!

Fiona said...

Looking very effective. The inspiration just needs time to come up to a simmer!