Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Local Harvest

A scene from our daily walk.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Casting On

I haven't found anyone that casts on for knitting the way I was taught many years ago in junior high. So when Kim asked if I could send a YouTube tutorial reminding her of the way I'd shown her, I decided to try and make my own. This is the left handed version of the method. :)

I searched YouTube's casting on videos and found the two needle method. Wow! that looks so easy. I should probably break down and learn another method because you don't have to estimate the length of your starting point with the two needle or long tail cast on. But for now, I still use this because it's what I know.

Gray Puma

Who's that huntress in the tree?

I don't think I've ever raised a cat that was such a climber. Spunky will dash across the yard, straight up the 6 foot fence and leap into the tree without missing a beat. I have come across her eating finches, so I guess occasionally she bags her game.

Family Visit

DS2 and his girlfriend came for a visit last week. It was in honor of my birthday in September. Don't you love it when birthdays last days or even weeks?

She brought a beautiful bouquet that was 360 in design. The fragrance filled the house for days.

She said she loved the knitting I was working on and had always wanted to learn. I pulled out a pair of needles and we gave it a whirl. She did really, really well - especially since I was showing her how to cast on left handed. She translated my actions and took to it like a natural.

Happy new knitter.