Friday, February 10, 2017

A New Method of Knitting for Me

I decided to explore different ways of knitting so I could knit longer without hand fatigue. I spent a week teaching myself the Continental method, where you 'pick' instead of 'throw', but I found it didn't help the pain in my right thumb.

Then I discovered a method of carrying the yarn in the front of the work for both knit and purl, that uses the left thumb to make the stitch. It's some times known as Portuguese knitting, but I found out it's also the preferred method in Spain and other countries in that area. Here's VeryPink's YouTube.

I liked the idea of hooking the yarn to a knitting pin rather than running it along the back of my neck. It pulled too much and I could already see that wasn't going to be comfortable over time.

I asked Mom, who makes beaded bracelets, if she thought she could make a knitting pin. Based on a picture I sent, she made this for me. Thanks Mom, you rock! I love the speed that's possible during purling with this method. I used it to finish the ramie kitchen hand towel, because gauge doesn't matter so much in a towel. Another skill in my knitting toolkit.