Friday, April 06, 2007

One Is Not Enough

About five years ago Thread Catchers caught on (pun intended) in my area. Where before you'd see quilters at Sew Bee's or Quilt Guild with a brown paper bag taped to the table next to them, you now saw these cute little fabric caddies. Well I had to have one!

I noticed that thread clung to the cotton lining so I lined mine with satin. It's a little dressier that way too. :D It has a little sandbag pincushion and a magnet strip for holding needles and pins. I added rubber feet to the bottom of the fabric covered base to keep it from skidding away.

Last month when Rosy came for a Sew Bee she gifted me with a Thread Catcher. What a sweetie! I love it. It has a little different shape than my Celestial one and a few different features. Her's has a wide fabric strap between the sandbag pincushion and the thread catcher. There's also a nifty little pocket for your do-dads. I decided it needed to drape over the arm of the recliner where I do my stitching. And I love the color! Little Miss Sunshine...
Thread Catcher

Rosy apologized for giving me something she knew I already had, but I'm thrilled. With some items, one is just not enough!

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