Thursday, April 05, 2007

City By the Bay

On my last holiday we made a day trip to San Francisco to visit the De Young Museum. The place was *packed*. Apparently several other people had the same idea for their holiday!

These pictures were taken from the Observatory; which was several stories up in the Museum and had windows on all sides. I asked DH to take these pictures since they gave such a nice view of the city. He was willing, even though he has a fear of heights and it was a challenge to step up to the glass and look out. But not down!

Looking north, you can just see the tops of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking north west and out to sea. The Museum is in Golden Gate Park; so you're looking over the tops of the trees to the ocean.

Looking south west into the city. It always amazes me to remember that the entire city was rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake. Whatever wasn't leveled by the quake burned in the fires that followed. So the city looks rather clean and new from up here. A hundred and one isn't old for a major city.

Yours truly enjoying a moment of calm revery after the crowds in the galleries.

A still life -painter unknown; from the Early American gallery. So real you can almost taste the berries.

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