Monday, April 09, 2007

Among the Elders

DH and I went for a drive to a local redwood grove; Montgomery Woods. The drive there is so pretty and relaxing.
This is Orr Springs Ridge looking west.

This is also on the ridge, looking southwest. The steer never did pause from his grazing to notice the photographer.

When we got there we left the path well traveled and hiked along the creek. It was cool and verdant. I looked at the wildlife while DH took the pictures. This is what I found among the ferns, a woodland newt.


I picked him up and put him on a mossy tree so he would photograph better. His belly is *bright* orange. I named him 'Sid' after the character in Ice Age. He was slow moving and therefore not hard to catch but he wouldn't stop motoring his legs even while I held him in midair. It was comical.

Looks like a picture postcard. "Having a wonderful time, wish you were here." :D

I love walking among the redwoods and listening to the silence. It's so powerful to stand in the presence of beings over 1000 years old . I wonder sometimes about all that they've seen.

The park has some of the tallest trees in the world. It's what they call an 'old growth grove' because it's never been logged. I found a soft patch and laid down on the forest floor. Looking up I felt like I was among the Elders, so timeless.

It was so cool under the redwood canopy; DH let me borrow his jacket. The sun was shining but it was chilling in the grove. The redwoods like it best that way; cool and damp.

The wildflowers were blooming too. This little blossom was about as big as my thumbnail.

And the Trillium were everywhere!

I was so intrigued by this leafy skeleton. It told a story of last summer.

By this time I was chilled to the bone, so we headed back to the car. But it was wonderful to visit. We met a couple from France in the parking lot, camera gear in hand. They asked us if this was Montgomery State Park and I realized they must not know what redwoods smell like. The fragrance in the parking lot was unmistakable.

I thought again how much beauty there is in my County and less than an hour from home.


Nancy said...

thank you for sharing your day thru photographs. What beautiful pictures!

Patti said...

Hi Leslie, Do you know you are set at "no reply" when you comment? I came here to answer your question. If I remember correctly I often want to reply to a comment you make but cannot. Why don't you switch your profile to display your email so we can reply to your comments?

Anyway, I don't cut out the fabric from behind my appliqué. The reason is simple - if the appliqué piece wears out the quilt still maintains its integrity without holes clear through to the batting. If I'm hand quilting something and there are several layers I may cut out the first one or two layers, but I always leave the background layer behind the biggest piece intact.

Jane Weston said...

What beautiful live in a very lovely area of the USA...lucky girl :o)

Fiona said...

What great photographs, really atmospheric and calm.