Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fourth and Final

Hey! Once I decided I didn't mind that the motif on the third block was larger than the one on the first I flew along on finishing it. It always feels so good to get passed the creative block in a project. I went right in to the sewing room and cut out the last block.

Here it is folded and ready to be marked for cutting.

Here's the block ready to be 'basted'. The color in this picture is truer than the photo above. I use washable fabric glue stick. It's great! I don't want to hand baste all the way around this thing...

I thought I'd show you the book I've been using. The patterns are terrific, but the thing I especially enjoy about this book are the illustrations. Elizabeth completely captures the fun and pleasure of quilting as well as the spirit of the Islands. Aloha!

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Rosy said...

Mmmm...glue stick...whata great idea! Fabric color is great.