Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Decor Trio

Once you're known as a needle artist, be it quilting, knitting or embroidery, people seem to remember that about you.

This is a trio of items I've received over the years. They hang in the bedroom by my dresser mirror. The bottom item was a Mother's day gift from my youngest son when he was in grade school. The arts and crafts project was to select a picture from among the greeting cards that had been cut to shape and make a plaster cast of it for Mom. As an eight year old my son picked this out for me. When I opened the gift he said, "I picked that one because it looked like the stitching you do." I was so touched. It is one of my treasures. :D

The middle item is a counted cross stitch I received 20 years ago from my Secret Sister at the time. The quote is taken from Proverbs 31 - "The Virtuous Woman" passage.
"She works with her hands in delight."

The top item arrived recently from my Mom who lives on the other side of the US. I bet when she was at her favorite folk art and craft store she saw this and thought of me.

When I look at these I feel the love of family and friends.

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Quilting Kim said...

I have the exact same "A Quilt is a Blanket of Love" hanger that I had made years ago when I used to do craft shows.