Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finally Finished Flying Geese

I've heard about second sock-itis and thought - "That won't be me, I'm too completion-oriented." HA!

But nobody kept track of how long these took me, but me, so it doesn't matter.

I love 'em! My husband asked me if I'd tried them on yet and I had to laugh. I was so busy being pleased they were off the needles I forgot they're something to wear! They fit beautifully.

Although I'm done, I'm not exactly finished...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Bit of Unusual Knitting

One of the ladies in our knitting group suggested a community project, knitted prosthesis for breast cancer survivors, euphemistically called Knitted Knockers.

It wasn't a difficult bit of knitting and I felt good helping out in a small way, by providing a soft, knitted prosthetic for someone who didn't want reconstructive surgery.

After a couple of weeks, the group had made maybe 8 pair and we mailed them to the organization. They will stuff them and distribute them free of charge to those in need.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Rosebuds Community Quilt

The call went out from our guild for more community quilts, the hospital we donate to was out.

I made a quick quilt with leftover fabric from Mom's quilt, this one backed with flannel. This is the first time I've used flannel on the back. What a nice, snuggy quilt.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Family of Four

I wanted one more elf to round out the group I was creating, but I didn't have any heathered blue yarn. I asked a spinning-weaving-knitting friend if she had a remnant she'd be willing to let me have. We were at the local Farmers Market, she with her spinning wheel and me with my current WIP, and she reached in her bag and pulled out what she was going to spin that day, heathered blue. Serendipity!

I wish I had a miniature burn barrel they could stand around, they look like they're singing a capella.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Beginning Sewing

In December two coworkers asked me if I'd be willing to teach them to sew. Of course! I enjoy helping the next generation of sewers get started. We met every two weeks and I started with the basics. This is a sewing machine, this is how it's threaded. This is a bobbin, this is how it's wound, and so on. We laughed a lot and they gradually made headway.

For their first project they made fabric gift bags, learning to sew a straight seam and stitch a narrow hem on both a free arm and flat bed machine. The second project was lined totes that would work as a book bag or grocery tote. And recently they finished quilted nine patch potholders.

Our schedules required us to take a hiatus from the lessons, but we hope to resume in the fall.