Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Flimsey From the Shelves

I was surfing my quilt photo folder the other night and found a few finished tops that I don't think I ever posted. How did that happen?

This one is made from Bonnie's Almost Bowtie instructions. It's inside Fun With Bricks, scroll to the bottom. Talk about a *quick* quilt. I made twice the number of log sections I needed before I even knew what I'd done. And of course it didn't make a *dent* in the precut strip drawer.

When I look at this quilt I see so much of Su's stash mixed in with mine. It makes for a fun trip down fabric-memory lane. The inner border is violet, the outer border is navy with purple and green flowers overlaid; it's really rich looking.

I just wanted to make this quilt, I didn't have a recipient in mind. Then I made it extra long thinking my oldest son might want it for a TV quilt in the living room; he's 6'2". When I showed him the top I said, "No obligation... I won't be hurt if you don't want it... but it's yours if you do." He said, "Ummm... it's a little *loud*." Maybe that's why it's still a flimsey. No home to go to yet.

Taking another page out of Bonnie's book, I also pieced the backing. That's what really threw DS1. He said, "Wouldn't this striped fabric look better used as a border in something?" He's grown up with quilting and it was cute to hear his thoughts on my effort to sew outside the box!

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