Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mini Group Mini-retreat

These photos were taken at my mini group The Sew Whats. We got together during MLK Jr holiday weekend in 2006 for an overnight of talk, food, Show and Tell and sewing community quilts.

A few weeks before the mini-group mini-retreat I asked the ladies to make a minimum of six blocks from the Mary's Triangle pattern. We agreed to use 'calicos', small floral prints that had been aging in our stashes since the 80's and muslin. But the pattern is so quick, most of us showed up with 20 or 30 pieced blocks. Then we mixed and matched them to see how many different layouts we could create.

We had a blast! Each quilt came out so different and they're all made from one block. I call this one 'Streak of Lightening'.

This one, 'Whirling Arrows.'

'Boxes and Blocks.'

This one was made by Kim who agreed to work with "Vintage" fabric only if she absolutely had to. She likes to create with Moda Marble and Hoffman Batiks, so this was a challenge of sorts. We all loved the 'cheddar' orange in this one. It makes the design just *pop*. Maybe we should call it "Please pass the Cheddar." :D

This is Judy's. A nice three color quilt.

This is Linda's and hands down my favorite. I love the way she bordered it with the muslin to make the design element appear to float. I call it 'Straight Furrows'. Most of the tops were completed during the mini-retreat. Then we each took one home to quilt and complete it.

At the next quilt guild meeting we showed them as a group. Then we donated them to the Community Quilt Chairman. They went to the County Child Protection Services to comfort some youngster during a difficult time in their life. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it.


knitphomaniac said...

steller quilts! I envy your talent in the craft! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

They all look great! Way to go!

Nancy said...

Utterly amazing that they are all from the same block!

Katie said...

What a wonderful blog site you have. I have really enjoyed reading it. And the pics of the great outdoors are fabulous. Thanks so much for taking me with you. I'll be back.