Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Color Sequence

The idea behind this quilt is to look random, using fabrics that represent the turn of the last century. But I find as I choose fabrics for each star my modern color sensibilities keep creeping in. It's hard not to create a blended color sequence, they're so pleasing. So I have to try and choose contrasting values.

Once I get the sequence figured out I tape down a sample so I have a reference sheet while piecing the strata. Even with this handy visual I still get lost. In each star I'm keeping the first three colors the same, cheddar, beige and navy, so the third sequence on the sheet doesn't have those.

For every star, you piece five strata using five fabrics. In the photo from left to right is strata one, using fabrics 1-5, strata two, using fabrics 2-6 and so on. Strata five is on the right and had been cut into subunits. Once they're pieced you press the seams alternately, the first strata goes up, the second one down and so on.

I thought color four in this diamond would read greener than it does. It looks elongated because I haven't sewn the rows together yet. Even though I've been sketching sequences with color pencils and testing color combination for these stars in Electric Quilt, I still never know what they're going to look like until the eight diamonds come together.

So far I've pieced diamonds but I have pieced the stars yet. I was holding off until I had a good way to store 22" inch blocks flat. But I think I better figure out what background I want and piece a star. I need to test my accuracy on that too. It's a work in progress.

What Can Happen When You're Not Paying Attention

I'm continuing to piece diamonds for Lone Stars. The blue, tan, blue sequence I showed in an earlier post repeats the colors rather than using as many as nine different colors. The instructions tell you to use 20" strips, but you don't use it all. So I must've just cut and pieced merrily along without noticing how many diamonds I made.

At least I found out before I pieced it into place. Look at these quilts at Barbara Brackman's site.

Preemie Beanie

I found some left over cotton yarn on the freebie table and decided to make a small cap for a wee child. Found the pattern here on Ravelry, it's free. I used an apple to help model it. I think I'll donate it to the ICN at the hospital.

When I held it up during show and tell at the quilt guild meeting, the whole room went, "Awww..."

Sunday, November 07, 2010


In September I found red washable merino at the LFS for 50% off. I just had to make something from it! I'd recently joined Ravelry and searched for a cropped cardigan. I found one that needed slight modifying and asked a friend to help me adjust the pattern. Then I cast on for a top down cardi with raglan sleeve shaping. I've been knitting on it for two months and got up to 209 stitches as I worked the fronts, sleeves and back all at once.
The next time I met with my knit friend she pointed out that I was supposed to be working front increases at THE SAME TIME as the raglan sleeve shaping. Yup. I ripped. Six inches worked on size 6 needles. She was so apologetic, she acted like it was some how her mistake. No... I just don't understand knitting patterns that well. So I've put the merino aside and am knitting a cotton preemie cap, worked on size 4 dp needles.

It's a good thing I'm a process person and not a product person. :)

Pacific International Quilt Fest

My LQG offered to provide overnight accommodations at PIQF in exchange for two hours of white glove service. What a great deal!

I have sooo many pictures, I haven't even scratched the surface as I crop, resize and compress, but here are a few of my favorites.

Perle Cotton display

Maui Escape

1900 Lone Star from San Jose Museum collection

Costa Rican Cart

This one was made in honor of the Belgian tiger that was put down at the San Francisco zoo for attacking a visitor after they teased and yelled at her.


Rose of Guinevere

Through Ancient Portals

Natural Wonders, Bernina 1st place award

Guatamalan Cathedrals

L-R: Anne, Reba, Leslie

And when I got tired, I could always go to the Ladies of the Lake opportunity quilt table and take a break. It was an incredible two days. I came home completely saturated with color!

Lone Star Continued

I've been at my new job three weeks, not a lot of sewing going on as a result. This weekend I made time to get into the sewing room, I wanted to get back to my Lone Stars. I have three out of eight diamonds in this color scheme pieced.

I love the way the blues fade in and out. My cutting and piecing has improved since the first few diamonds were pieced, so the diamonds are coming out flat and true.

But this one, what happened to the color sequence?? I must've been too tired. I should've put my feet up instead of making myself try to sew on a Friday night!

She's So Cute When She's Asleep

Spunky is about three months old now. When she's asleep, she's a little sweetheart, when she's awake she's a complete terror. It's been 40 years since I've raised a kitten, I didn't remember this stage! She jumps at shadows, climbs the front of the stereo speaker, tears plants apart and if I try to stroke her, she bites. I know she thinks we're her litter mates and she doesn't mean anything by it. But MAN! knitting has to be done in rare moments when she's not in the room.

I keep the sewing room closed when I'm not in there and when I open the door, she runs from wherever she is in the house and dashes in. I think she's saying, "Playground's open!" I went for a cup of tea and when I came back, my sewing machine was unthreaded and the current patchwork pieces scattered across the table, chair and under the machine. She's always helping! But when she's asleep, what a charmer. I can stroke and scritch her as much as I want.