Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fruit Salad and Lilacs

54-40 or Fight

Once I got a stack of four patches made, I decided to piece 54-40 or Fight blocks. Once I had a couple pieced, I made an EQ draft. Sometimes I wonder how I knew how to make my quilts before I had this software. It's such a great way to see the quilt before it's actually made, make design decisions and get the dimensions worked out. At first I thought I would make a Tennessee Waltz pattern, but that made it bigger than I wanted for a donation quilt.

52" x 52"
This is the pattern I decided on. Huh, it's not that much smaller.
40" x 51"

April 9

April 25
April 29
These are being sewn in between the split nine patches for Mendocino Blues and Greens.

Saturday, April 08, 2017


I'm still waiting for spring to actually arrive. Last week the magnolia tree started to bloom and I thought we were on our way! This was the view from our window this morning.

If that blossom could talk it would say, "I'm sooo confused!"

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Hallways of Quilts

Every year the Healdsburg Senior Retirement community hosts a quilt show throughout the building. It's a delightful event because the presentation is so creative. As you drive down the driveway to the parking area, the fence is draped with quilts. The admission fee is just 5.00. The entry way and main lobby have silent auction items, a vintage sewing and quilting notions display and a doll show. Each hallway is hung with quilts and includes lovely vignettes of handmade items featuring a variety of needlework.

This picture's from their website, because during the show, the halls are full of visitors.

The event also includes continental breakfast and a buffet lunch. Visitors are encouraged to bring old quilts to share. Julie Silber, quilt historian and author, displays each one and shares what she believes to be the quilt name, date and any other observable items of interest. Her talk is always interesting and informative.

This year I ran into a long-time quilt friend in the hall and found out she is the coordinator. Knowing what I do about Betty, it all made sense. She also told me the retirement home didn't make a profit on the event, but all money brought in was turned back to the quilters in the form of prize money. I found that heartwarming.