Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pennies a Load

DH and I made liquid laundry soap Sunday. I got the recipe from Elaine, it was easy and made two gallons worth. I like the fact it doesn't suds a whole lot, sudding comes from an additive which is not earth friendly and it's not necessary to the washing power.

We haven't done laundry yet, but we did put a half cup in the water we used to wash the car, has a good grease cutter. :) The ingredients cost about nine dollars, but we only used a half cup of each powder, so there's lots more to make if we like the way it works. And two gallons used a half a cup at a time should last a long time. I'll let you know how the laundry turns out.

Got a New Look

I love it! Light, flippy and fun.

After ten years of hair below the middle of my back I can't believe how good this feels.
There's a line in the song 'Wild Nights' by Van Morrison that goes: "All the girls walk by, dressed up for each other." Well we *do* like clothes and hair and baubles. Just about every woman co-worker exclaimed happily at the change or as one did - squealed joyfully when she saw me. "Oh I LOVE it! It's SOOOO cute! Do you like it?? Wow, it's looks so great! Good for you!!"

How can you not feel good when people go on about you like that? ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Found a Good Home

On an impulse I donated the Continuous Strip quilt to the fund-raising auction at Plowshares, the homeless shelter in town. The coordinator of the event was so thrilled to have it! When I took it over to her I was a little sorry to see it go, mostly because I didn't know if the highest bidder would know or appreciate what they had.

I didn't attend the auction-dinner event, but imagine how delighted I was when the coordinator called me the following week. "The person with the high bid for your quilt was a quilter! She was just so thrilled to get it, she kept saying, 'Oh the colors, they're *my* colors, it's like she *knew*. Thank you so much!'"

And so I'm happy to know that my little quilt will not only warm the woman who won it, but also help Plowshares as they warm others with their food and shelter.

Tea Bag Wallet

Well since the engagement was announced we've seen my son and his fiance' three weekends out of three. This is not a complaint! :) Between wedding details and plans to paint and prepare the new townhouse they'll be moving into, there's lots to talk about.

Last week I made a little tea bag wallet. I saw the pattern at Christy's Creations and just had to try it. I'm always toting my own tea bags and sweetener, usually in the bottom of my purse!

I think it took a half an hour to make and was pure pleasure. I just love little start-to-finish project like this, so satisfying.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

She Said Yes!

My oldest son Nathan is getting married. We went down last weekend for a visit and had a great time talking, planning and generally hanging out together. So much excitement!

The happy couple.

And since we were together, we also celebrated Frank's birthday. The white board above the table says, "Yay! We're getting Married. Hooray!!" So cute. The happiness just flowed. Look at their faces. :D

Nathan called my mom on the east coast to tell her the news. "Hey Grandma, this is your favorite number one grandson, guess what?" (Note: She only has one oldest grandson so it's safe to say). The question first up was, "When?" "June." "THIS June??" "Uh-huh..." And the amazement just rolled out from there.

After we talked wedding and rehearsal dinner, gowns and attendants, churches and reception food, we went to see the townhouse they're pursuing. The offer's been accepted and if it passes inspection, Danielle would move in early in May. (!!) More talk, planning and excitement.

The dining area

The living room

I love the light, it's so open, and what a great wall for a quilt!
So a new chapter begins in all of our lives. I was reminded of all the things Mrs. Goodneedle shared in the weeks and months leading up to her son's wedding. Maybe I should write and ask for advice!

Off to Indiana

I just checked my quilt history on this top, completed April 2007, called Almost Bowtie.

I think it has sufficiently aged. It's headed to Joanne at Splitting Stitches, as part of her Quilt Stimulus Program. She suggested variegated thread for the front.

This is the back. I can't wait to see it done.

And of course Lila had to help with the packing. :D