Monday, April 16, 2007

The Lesson Continues

What a great day we had at the house Sunday. DS1 and 2 came to celebrate the April birthdays. DH's is April 7th and DS2's is the 21st. We had a feast of fine homemade foods and a great dessert to top it all off.

Then DH challenged DS2 to an online computer game while DS1 and I went into the sewing room to continue his quilting project. First I made a quilt sandwich for him to practice free motion quilting on and did a demonstration. You can see the "Big Blue", as Su calls it moved to the back of the table so I can demo.

Then I handed the Machinger gloves to Nathan. He looked like he had Mickey Mouse hands. :D As soon as he sat down, guess who had to get into the act? Lila suddenly wanted attention.

Usually she comes in, says hello and turns around and leaves before I can get the camera. But this time instead of getting down, she decided to settle down on Nathan's knee. Sorry kitty, we have quilting to do!

For years Nathan's heard me comment on how tired my neck and shoulders get while machine quilting. Well after just a few rounds he said, "My arms are getting tired." I told him to drop his shoulders and lower his elbows. That helped.

He worked steadily and was diligence despite all the usual prat falls that come to a first time machine quilter. He practiced on the quilt sandwich first with doodles and meandering and then moved to the real thing. He bravely used contrasting thread on the navy. Then we put the dogs up and switched to in the ditch quilting; might as well try it all right?

Once he finished quilting I was ready for a break; but he suggested we begin the binding. "Umm.. I think maybe we'll save that for the next visit", :D such staying power!

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Rosy said...

What a great day you all had! I am so impressed w/Nathan and his interest in machine quilting! Like son!