Friday, September 20, 2013

Show Time

I've been finishing a lot of quilts in the last year. So when it came time to decide what to put in the annual show I found out I had almost a dozen! Some are going to be gifts so I won't show those, but here's this years' line up...


Double Nine Patch

Leslie's Garden Path

On the Threshold

Candy Box


LeMoyne Stars

I've often admired those pictures in magazines and on blogs of *stacks* of quilts, all made by one person. So heart warming...

I wonder if the show gives a ribbon for the most quilts entered by one person?

And Fiber

In addition to finishing quilts, I've been labeling some of my upcycled yarn for sale in the boutique. This one is a Robert Mackie from Scotland, 100% Scottish wool. I love the natural color and the feel of this wool.

Looks like Spunky does too!  

It had a beautiful visual texture to it, but that made it somewhat fragile and the previous owner wore it during yard work. I was able to create smooth splices in the yarn when I came to the holes. So now maybe it will have a new life.

LeMoyne Stars

Nothing like a deadline to help me get things finished. This little wall hanging has been half quilted for three years. It didn't take too long to finish the quilting, and the binding was already made. You can read the story behind these little pieced stars here.

So there you go, another one done!

Family Time

It seems schedules don't always mesh these days, it's getting harder to get everyone together. So we really enjoyed last weekend when we got a chance to visit DS1 and family. Cayson is two months old.

Evan is photo ready all the time. "Cheese".

I was showing my new sweater and Evan wanted to try it on. Then we got out his sweater from last Christmas. Op... still too big, something to look forward to.

Brothers by birth, friends by choice.

Knitted Christmas Ball

After I finished the cardigan I picked this little color-work ball back up. I found following the chart and working with two colors much easier after all the lace knitting. Something about the rhythm and mental space you get into as you knit.

I found my old counted cross stitch magnet board, it worked great!

It was much too big, but then I took that chance knitting it on size 4 dpns instead of the 2.5's recommended. The stitch tension was uneven too, with gaps and holes. Frank said, "Felt it." So I did.

Wow! Felting it evened out all the uglies, made it smaller and I love it. All it needs now is a red satin ribbon and it's ready to deck the halls.

Snails Trail Pin Cushion

Found this paper pieced block on the Freebee table.

I filled this one with rice and wool roving. That was easy.

Pineapple Pin Cushion

I saw this pin cushion in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I say I'm mostly a bluish-greenish girl, but this one asked for orange and red!

I printed the paper pieced pattern from the computer.

I filled it with rice for weight but I'm not thrilled with it, the pins go all the way through. I think I'll add some wool roving next time.

Lace Cardigan

I'm finishing lots and lots of quilts and projects, getting ready for the annual quilt show and craft boutique. But one of my happiest FO's is my new sweater, Derica Kane.

It fits really nicely. The lace opened up and just bloomed when I steam blocked it. There are lots of project notes on my Ravelry page if you're interested. Now I can't wait for cooler weather!

Been Away Too Long

I've been blogging in my head for weeks. I don't know where to start to get caught back up!

Saw this beauty on the front screen as I went out the door for my morning walk.