Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flying Geese Methods

I got a new ruler that claims to take the math out of making Flying Geese. I decided to do a test sew using it and the Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day method, to see which one I liked best.

This method was very intuitive. I could find the size I wanted on the ruler and there wasn't a lot of thinking involved; it's true, no math! Trimming up was easy left or right handed and there was practically no waste. ~ On to the other method. Sorry there are fewer pictures, I had to concentrate more and forgot.

This method was totally non-intuitive for me. Which square is going to become the background, which one the geese? The steps are not as familiar and trimming up was really tricky left handed. No instructions were given for left handed trimming, though that's not uncommon; and there was a lot more waste in the trimming. The instructions give you one size. There's a Quilt in a Day ruler for this method but it only includes two sizes. Both methods produce four Flying Geese. I suppose with practice the second method would become easier and therefore go faster, but I really liked the No Math Ruler method. It's created by Lazy Girl Design. Love the name!
In the past I've usually just made half-square triangles and sewn them together to make a Flying Geese (goose?) but now I have an easier way!