Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More from the LQS

This one had these wonderful vingettes featuring things 'Mama Said.' I spent a long time pouring over the details and taking pictures. It was wonderful.

What a great set of inspirations to offer a daughter.

This is a Piece 'o Cake design and close-up.

Then I found the original on Amazon and couldn't decide which I liked better.

There was a terrific handquilting demonstration put on by a guild friend of mine. Kim's Hawaiian applique' and quilting are superb.

Karen participated in some stash enhancement at Rainbow Resources.

Then we went back to the house because she was determined to put the borders on her current wallhanging. Frank caught us sitting at our look-a-like Featherweights with twin Ott Lites. How fun!

And Karen had something completed to show for her time. It was a great day in so many ways!


Rose Marie said...

I have the book for the Piece o' Cake and, really, looking at the other version it will be really hard to decide which colour to make mine now.

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hi Leslie.

DS1 directs me here every now and then.

I just wanted to let you that those satchels you made are adorable.