Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Buttonholes by Janome

After Nathan left I was still in sew-mode. I knuckled down in order to figure out how to make worked buttonholes using my Janome MC. I've owned it a year, but clothing construction is not it's primary function!
Get out the tools, break out the manual...
This device was amazing to me. You put a button into the spring loaded bracket on the back of the buttonhole foot, program the stitch into the machine and sew. It automatically sews the five step buttonhole, ties off and cuts the thread. When it says it's automatic, it really is! The last automatic buttonholer I had required me to switch the stitch selector for each of the five steps.
Gotta love computer applications in different realms!

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Su Bee said...

Haa-Haaa!!! I wondered what that thing was for! LOL -- guess I could read the book, eh?