Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Time Tagged

I just discovered that I've been tagged by Elise.
I've been asked to share 7 facts about myself: some random, some weird.
About me:

At 7 months of age, I remember being on the floor when momma turned on the vacuum cleaner. (!)
At 7, I moved from sunny San Diego, California to Massachusetts. Talk about culture shock!

At 17, I graduated HS in New England and promptly moved back to California.

At 27, I was married and had two sons, the happy, picket fence life.

At 37, I went back to college after my youngest left home and got a second degree.
At 47, we celebrated our 26th anniversary.

I'm not 57 yet, but by then I will've been a quilter for 35 years. Do you think quilting will still be at such a fever pitch in 8 years?

This tagging has been making the rounds in blogland for awhile now, so I chose not to tag anyone. But if you haven't already been tagged and would like to participate; TAG you're it!

1 comment:

Rosy said...

I have never known anyone that at seven months can remember being on the floor crawling around, you must have been prematurley looking for a straight pin! I am off to "fishland".