Sunday, September 30, 2007

LQG Show

In the middle of the Flashback Classic Car show was a quilt show put on by the local quilt guild. What a great idea! While husbands, brothers and boyfriends are looking at the cars, wives, sisters and girlfriends can have some fun of their own and go to the quilt show. Somebody on the City of Ukiah planning board was thinking that day!

Lots of ladies in blogland have been making string quilts, but I haven't been able to get excited about the idea yet. Until I saw this one! The jewel tones bordered with black gave it this terrific stainglass feel. Beautiful!

I'm a sucker for compass blocks of any kind. This one's called Compasses and Chains.

This one had a sunflower in the center of each snowball block. I mostly like the color scheme.

Felt applique' and embroidery. I like the way the black sets off the flowers.


Pieced by a local quilter, beautifully hand quilted by the Amish. I really like the interplay of piecing and applique'.

Close-up of the applique'

Sunflower baskets

To be continued...

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Su Bee said...

I wish I had seen that - darn it! Everyone has raved about it. Isn't it great they finally did it??? Yaaaa!!!.