Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Almost a Doll Quilt

Remember during the weeks and months I was sewing 'Big Blue', the King sized Snails Trail I took a break and sewed in hot yellow, orange and red for a change of pace? I liked the colors and it was a great breather, but I didn't finish it as a doll quilt because it just didn't work.

After the joy of learning how to make the automatic buttonholer work, inspiration struck. I'll make a satchel from this flimsey. Do I have the right colored zipper? Yes! Cool!

I pulled lining fabric from the stash and had to smile. This piece is from 1992. I know because back then manufacturer's used to put the date on the selvage.

The first one was so fun and so adorable, I made another. Don't cha just love it when your work comes together like that? Now I don't have to finish that UFO of a doll quilt. These are going in the Country Store Boutique at the quilt show Saturday. But I sold the larger one to a co-worker the very next day. Woo-hoo!


Hedgehog said...

Loved it as once piece - love it as these two little bags, too!

Rosy said...

These did turnout sooo cute.