Friday, October 05, 2007

Autumn Fennel

This looks so pretty growing along the sides of the road.

Green in the spring, gold in the fall, it grows without being watered. And since it hasn't rained in Ukiah Valley since April, that's saying something.

Once the plant dries out, the seeds are edible and quite yummy. They taste like licorice and it's amazing how much flavor there is in such a small seed. I got the idea once to collect more than a few and baked them into scones. Wonderful! Subtle, but pleasant.

So as I was googling fennel pictures I found out it's used in all *kinds* of dishes and baked goods. Everything from broiled salmon to quiche to jam. Who knew? Obviously not me!

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Jeanne said...

Fennel grows wild here, too. When I had pet rabbits, they gobbled it up.
It's the familiar flavor/aroma of Italian sausage.