Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sew Day with DS1

Nathan came up last weekend for a Sew day. How cool is that? I showed him how to stay-stitch the edge of his wallhanging and then make an applied binding.

I teased that the sewing table is a little low for his 6'2" height. That's because the table was custom built by Frank. The ironing board was too low for him too. I guess ironing boards don't come in sizes, it's 'One size fits all'!

Happiness is a completed project!
We shared the sewing room and while he sewed I organized my Vintage button collection on a covered foam-core board. I'm offering them for sale at my guild's quilt show this weekend.

Then I culled out a few other items for the Country Boutique.

I love these vintage chiffon scarves, but in all the years I've owned them the number of times I've worn either one is zero. I guess it's the colors and textures that lured me into bringing them home. It's that fabric thing.

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