Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wedding Quilt - Part Four

The only thing needed to finish the top was the last border. But I have to admit I procrastinated; I worked on Kauai Dreams for my husband, and the knitted cardigan for my grandson. Then I decided to go to Marian's drop-in sewing class and learn how to do a mirrored mitered corner. Why not learn from the best?

It was a lot like sewing a 'Y' seam, you sew up to, but not into the seam allowance when you attach the border strips; the rest is just like any other mitered corner. Thank you Marian!

October 17th

What ended up being the bigger challenge and taking the lion share of time and effort was making a splice along each side. The repeat in the print was so symmetrical it was really tough to figure out where to place them.

Here I'm auditioning what the splice will look like. My white chalk pencil was my friend; if I didn't like the look, I just brushed away the line, moved down a bit and tried again.

Can you find the splice? No I couldn't either once it was done. Yay!

I'd been calling this "Kimberly's wedding quilt" but I knew I needed a better name - and "Disappearing Nine Patch" just didn't suit. Once the borders and splices were done I started calling it "Mystique". I don't know why, it just seemed right. Later, after I'd gifted them the quilt, Kimberly asked how it got it's name. "It just came to me." And my son said, "They name themselves." So true! He knows.

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