Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Harvard Cardigan For Evan

The pattern was in this booklet Time for Baby by Leisure Arts.
Back cover
The suggested yarn has been discontinued so I ordered Swish dk from Knitpicks.com It came in just the right colors and is a terrific, soft, washable merino. Yum!

I cast on in late August while we were vacationing in Point Arena.

Front and back finished and blocked, early November.

Sleeves finished and seamed, late November.

Button band added, ends woven in - and there were a lot! - and the perfect purple buttons stitched in place. It machine washed and dried like a dream, becoming even softer and yummier to touch!

I included a label that said Handmade with love by Leslie.


Too big at this age is better than too small. Merry Christmas Evan!

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