Friday, July 30, 2010

Out With the Old!

I've been collecting quilt fabric for 27 years. I started out storing it in a few cardboard shoe boxes. When I out grew those I moved to cardboard copier paper boxes, and then finally extra long totes.

Recently I decided it was time to clean house! I stash dive all the time and I keep passing over the same small prints and calicoes, it really must be time to pass those on.

The red-orange-yellow tote before

During the sort: the pile on the left is to give away, the pile in the foreground is for cutting up, the rest went back in the tote.


It feels so much better! It was amazing to go through and look at and touch each and every fabric again. Do I want this? But will I really USE it?? And I have a new collection to cut up and refresh the squares and strips binds. I think I'll save that project for another day. :)


Fabricfaire said...

OK! You are such a organizer!

Jessica said...

ohh, i need to do this, but I've been procrastinating. I have so much beautiful yardage but I never get around to using it-- i'd rather play with small pieces. I think if I sorted and took out some fabrics to cut up I could use my stash a bit more effectively.
thanks for the inspiration~