Friday, July 23, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Almost the minute the continuous strip quilt was finished I dove into the stash and started cutting out another quilt. The clear, monochromatic, jewel-tone colors called to me and in a great departure from my usual color schemes, I jumped into this project. I have almost no idea where this one came from, I didn't plan to make this quilt, it just grabbed me in the lull following Crush. I decided to go with it, why not?!

I haven't taken Rossie's Process Pledge, but I try to show some of the steps along the way; I like looking back at the photo essay it creates. This pattern is called Road to Tennessee.

The fabric palette: as I pulled from the stash I found I didn't want any multicolored prints. Hmmm... very new for me, I usually have two or three blenders in the group.

Here I've chain pieced the first background square to the main color. I cut the chain apart so I could run them through again.

Here the second background square has been chain pieced to the main color. I drew a line where the stitching is and the red arrow points it out; click to enlarge. Then I cut the chain apart and trim the squares.

I trim to a quarter inch with scissors, eye balling the measurement. You can also use a rotary cutter and ruler but this goes faster and gives my rotary cutting arm a rest. Press the seam to the dark fabric.

Oooo... so bright and cheerful! The subunits are 31/2".

After these four are sewn, it measures 61/2".

This makes a 12 inch block when it's finished. I just keep making these, they're so fun, they're like candy. Hey, what a great name, Candy Box!


SuBee said...

WOW!!! Talk about outside the box!! Wait -- "Outside the Candy Box" LOL! I love it, of course -- how fun to watch you do something so different and it tickles me to see you enjoy it so much!

Fiona said...

I love those bright scrappy colours. I'm just catching up with blogs hence haven't commented in a while - sorry to hear that you have been laid off - any news on that front?