Friday, March 16, 2007

Valley Views

So after the sewing lesson on Sunday, we all got out and stretched our legs. The four of us hiked up the road past Gabrielli winery and into the west hills. There in front of the wine tasting room the field is *full* of daffodils. No one tends these except the wind and the rain and look at how much more abudant they are then the ones in my yard!

DH had brought his camera, so while DS1 and 2 and I hiked, he trailed along to photograph the views, then he'd jog to catch up. I think he got the best work out. This is Hollin, DS2 on the left and Nathan, DS1 in the middle and of course me; grinning like the proud mother I am.

The road winds higher and higher into the hills behind the winery. This is the view looking east when we got to our turn around point. The blue roof in the middle left is the wine tasting room. With another week of fine, warm weather the hills will be emerald green. But in another week or two of that same warm weather they will pass into brown and then velvety tan; hence the phrase "the golden hills of California". =)


Rosy said...

Great pictorals! I can just feel the spring air and my legs are aching thinking of that long climb!

Barbara said...


You asked me about my finished HST. They are 2 inch finished! And with Triangles on a Roll fast and easy to make!