Friday, March 30, 2007

Felt Applique'

So easy, so fun! There's no seam allowance to mark or turn under and the needle just glides right through. Bliss.

I've been working on this banner off and on since October. Why do I always *start* a seasonal project in the season it should be for?? ~ I saw a banner very similar to this at my Quilt Guild's annual show, but the leaves and flowers were stitched to a cotton, pieced background. Didn't like that very much... and the kit was $35.00!! I came home and pulled out my felt remnants from the days of making puppets and flannel graphs for the kids and cut my own shapes. It's been so freeing to just stitch and add as I want to, no pattern but the idea in my head. The threaded needle to the left is a crewel embroidery needle from something else; it's just there for a size reference.

Close-up of the middle flower.

Close-up of the Lady beetle.

I think I'll back it with leaf green and button-hole stitch the off-white to the green. Then button-hole stitch the edge of the green to finish. I want to hang it on my kitchen door come this September; add it to my Sunflower collection!

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