Friday, March 09, 2007

Miss Lila

It seems there are an awful lot of us quilter-blog ladies that also own cats. I am no exception.

This is Lila. She came to us 12 years ago; she literally 'followed' us home one day when DH and I were out walking. It took her a year or two to settle down and trust her humans, but now she's just as bratty and demanding as most of your cats!

But being a Calico, she seem to really enjoy the energy in my sewing room. Whenever I'm in there stash diving in my bins (sorted by color, naturally), she has the funniest way of appearing out of no-where to join in the fun. She gets totally affectionate, rubbing and purring and pushing against me with her full body 'kitty hugs'. She doesn't care about the fabric per se, or getting into the bins, but she always shows up! I'd like to think it's because she likes the good vibes. =) I wish I could get a picture of her joining me in the fun, but she seems to be camera shy. No sooner do I get the camera than she's disappeared from the scene.


Finn said...

Hi Leslie, I'm delighted to be meeting Miss Lila...she's gorgeous! And it's kind of nice to know that I'm not alone in dealing with a darling girl who mistrusts humans. Ebony has only been with me since Sept. She's already 5 or 6 years old, and must have been horribly traumatized by someone. I've just begun to be able to pick her up and hold her for a second or two. She's by my side constantly, and now trusts me to step over her. At first she ran if I even stood up from my chair.

I think you'r's the good vibes in your sewing room..*VBS*
Love the orphan block acquisition..LOL Maybe the green and gold ones could become a little christmas table square? Or a doll quilt? Your pinwheels look great! Hugs, Finn

Rosy said...

I think Lila is at home w/you 'cause she matches the carpeting!! LOL!