Thursday, March 01, 2007

Color Among the Grey

The days have been really long, rainy and grey. When DH and I got out to photograph the Snail's Trail top and backing, I made sure we got a shot of this UFT as well. It's sat longer than I care to admit without even being photographed. That's not like me!

This pattern came from Bonnie, a variation on Delectable Mountains. I loved the ease with which these came together. I presented the pattern to my mini group and nine of us made quilts based on the Mountain Majesties pattern. We worked together; using the same pale Fairy Frost background and our choice of batiks in a pre-determined color pallet, we all pieced enough blocks for this 8x8 setting. Then we got together for a Sew-day. We each laid out our blocks and had a swap. When we were done each of us ended up with enough blocks to make the 8x8 layout, but with alot of variety among the fabrics.

This close-up shows the colors better than the full-length image. This project was last year and most of the ladies have finished their tops. Some have even finished their quilt (!). I was hoping for a group photo, but already the completed quilts have scattered; one moved to Kauai, another was given to a Mom in Utah, another to a son leaving for college. And so it goes... Maybe I'll plan a reunion!


Fiona said...

What a fabulous choice of colours and I like the setting too. The outer border fabric is just right - it really does deserve to be quilted! (Said she, with 3 tops waiting in line).

Rose Marie said...

This is gorgeous, and I also like your photo setting with the mountains peeking in just off in the distance! Good choice of colours!