Friday, March 23, 2007

As the Needle Turns

I too have a hand applique' project in the works. I started this one when I got home from our Kaui vacation in 2004. Wow... has it been that long already?! I loved the colors and patterns of the traditional Hawaiian quilt blocks; so I found a great book for beginners and jumped in.

Being a lefty I applique' clockwise... as well as stitch from left to right. Who says lefties do things backwards? Not with a needle! I wear an open thimble on my left middle finger and a latex cot on my index finger for better gripping power on the needle. It really helps reduce hand-sewing fatigue.

This is what the block looks like when it's not all scrunched up in my palm during stitching.

I started at the lower left and have completed half the applique', the needle is just passed 12 o'clock. That's why the right half of the block looks larger than the left.

These are the other two blocks I've done for this project. I was a little disappointed to see that my first teal block -upper left- is smaller than my second. I must've turned under a strong 1/8" rather than a scant. It looks like a completely different motif. But I've recently decided it doesn't make that much difference. The overall effect will be nice and there are no Quilt Police at my house - except me.

And I've decided "Done is better than perfect."

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Fiona said...

Done is better than perfect. You won't even notice it when the other blocks are finished.