Friday, March 23, 2007

Dye Day

Our mini-group, The Sew What's have been meeting monthly for about four years. We take turns hosting the group and meetings average about 6-7 of us. Last September Evette invited us to her home for a Dye day; dying silk scarves. Evette is a fourth grade teacher at the local school and enjoys showing her students how to take a plain strip of white cloth, apply some color, microwave it to set the dye and produce a *beautiful* scarf. So she volunteered to do the same for all of us.

We all crowded into the kitchen to look at color samples, try on the different colored scarves and watch while the dye batches were set up.

Then we went to the dye workroom, aka: the garage and Evette did a demo. The latex gloves were a big hit!

Everyone in the group has their signature color it seems, so the day's results were a shimmering rainbow of different hues. So much color play, so much fun! Thank you Evette!

After we'd dyed just about every blank she had in the box, we were treated to a lovely refreshing Chicken Caesar salad with all the ecoutrements. It's often *hot* in her valley in September and the coolness of her dining room was a welcome change from the glare outside

From there some of the ladies went to the County fair to look at the Home Arts exhibit. But I went home and draped my aqua and blue scarf over my bedroom mirror. I wear it often.

And a good time was had by one and all. =D

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Rosy said...

How much fun was that!!! The results are very pretty!