Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Finally getting these photos up. This is my leader and ender stars made from the hst's left over from DS's quilt completed /last/ September! Hmmm... seems like leader-ender quilts take about a year (0r two) to piece; while we're busy piecing other things.

I've sewn on point quilt settings before, but this was new to me. I couldn't believe how much trial and error there was for the first row. Each row went together a little faster though. And it was so exciting to see my piecing plan come together in real life.

You may remember I posted a request for more of the repeat border print. Thank you to all of you who looked in your stashes. But as it turned out, *no* one had more. Well necessity is the mother of invention as they say... I had enough to use border fabric in an alternate A-B-A layout and I like it better, not as static. Now all it needs is the outside border(s) and it's off the UFO Tops list! But there it sits, while I burn my way through Snail's Trail blocks and my current leader and ender.

Who says life is boring? They need a hobby!


Lucy said...

Ohhh Leslie , I like this quilt !

Elaine Adair said...

My goodness - this strippy star is so pretty!