Friday, September 15, 2006

Strippy Update

This is really a 'leader and ender' project, but I'm have such fun with it, I sew off a dozen or so in between the piecing of the Snail's Trail block units. I've pieced 16 out of 48 total blocks needed for the Snail's Trail and I'm' actually getting tired of blue, blue, blue; so the strippy L&E helps a lot! It provides welcome color play and no thinking is required at this stage. I was just throwing them in a bin until I had a enough to bother counting.

It seems I really don't want to have to count or plan with this quilt... but at some point I had to figure out how many of these little rows of light and dark squares pieced into strips I need to make. So looking at a thumbnail of the quilt-to-be, I counted the rows in the columns - 35 and mulitplied by the number of columns in the proposed quilt - 7 and got my total - 245. Well I'd pieced 325, so then I counted the strips into groups of 25 each, put them on safety pins and put the 'left overs' in another basket - maybe they'll be Starter dough for another quilt... The groups of 25 are what this picture shows. I thought it was cool how they fan out and you can sorta see the colors and get an idea what the quilt's going to look like.

In the next few days I hope to add a picture of the EQ draft. That'll give you a better idea where I'm going with this puppy. AND a picture of the break-out solids (for me) that I purchased at Beverly's for the sashing and border.

More later...


Finn said...

Hi Leslie, boy, you sure made short work of those pairs of squares!! Isn't it a great feeling to have accomplished part of what is needed for a whole quilt, without really having to think about it??? I do love Bonnie's leaders and enders idea. I've been running 2" squares through my machine...LOL. Of course I get side tracked and want to then make them in 4 patches..LOL
I'm anxious to see what comes next! Have a great weekend, Hugs, Finn

Hedgehog said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with these. I need to get a L&E project going soon.

Leslie said...

Finn, tx for writing. I've been 'lurking' on your site for weeks. Good to swap words and (hugs) :D
Hedgehog, welcome to blogland. Thanks for stopping by!