Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Donation Quilts

It was Labor Day weekend, so I slipped into my sewing room between visits with DS and played with my new Janome MC. I had seenthese little receiving blankets made at quilt retreat *last* September, but my old machine just wasn't equal to the task. It was so fun using the machine embroidery thread Rosy gave me and learning how to program my machine. DS sat in the sewing room visiting with me and he read the manual while I pushed the buttons. I could've mirrored the hearts so they faced outward, but I didn't think of that till after they were done.

One yard each of coordinating flannel, layered right sides together, round the corners if you like; I traced the lid from a whip topping container. Sew 7/8's of the way around, leaving an opening to turn. Turn right side out, press and top stitch with your favorite pattern stitch in a coordinating, or contrasting colored thread. Total time: One hour each. And I got the fabric off the Freebees table at guild. How cool is that?

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Rosy said...

Those are so sweet and will be cosy for the 'newbee's'!