Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sew Happy

So my week's vacation at the house is winding down. It's Saturday and I'm going grocery shopping, how un-vacation-like is that?

But I had a wonderful time planning a new quilt, drafting the block in EQ, pulling colors from my stash, making a test block, proofing the pattern. Now I'm on my way! I've made eight blocks out of forty-eight! It's a start. I call the block Snail's Trail, but all the reference books I looked at called it Monkey's Wrench. Go fig. :D

Yesterday I had a Sew Day at my house. So I cleaned the house, baked snacks, schlepped my sewing machine to the large table in the kitchen and invited quilting friends in for the day. We had a blast! We talked and sewed, and ate and sewed, had Sew n Tell... and sewed. It was so refreshing! I sewed more Snail's Trail blocks and completed a couple more blocks on my leader and ender eight-pointed star quilt. I have nineteen out of twenty blocks done for that quilt. I'm getting excited! Half the eight-pointed stars are navy and blue and half are red and blue.

I want to put these blocks on point and do a strippy set. I found the perfect border fabric in my stash to give it that old tyme feeling. But of course I'm a half a yard short!

So I’m putting the word out. Maybe some of the long time quilter-fabric collectors that read my blog can help with my dilemma. I’m looking for more of this 1988 Cranston repeat border print If you’d be willing to dig in your stash and see if you have more, I would be glad to reimburse you or trade for an equal amount of yardage in a color/pattern you’d like. Write me, I'd love to hear from one of you!

P.S. I guess I'm not the only one having trouble getting Blogger to accept my photo uploads. I can upload an image three times and it doesn't appear in the editor. But I've found if I click Save as Draft, then click Edit from the Dashboard and upload the image again, it will appear in the Editor. Has anyone written to Blogger and asked what's going on with the image server? Just wondering.

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