Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Day!

My DS's came up for the weekend to help me celebrate my birthday. It was *great* to see them and hear their news. We had a really nice home cooked meal, complete with fresh baked blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream. Can you say "mmmm"?

Then DH suprised me with my BD gift. A custom mat and frame on this counted cross stitch sampler. I was so tickled! I finished it in time for our 25th anniversary, but then it sat for two years for lack of discretionary funds to frame it.

Thank you drhrt! You knock my socks off!


Rosy said...

The Sampler is bee-oo-ti-ful!!
What a guy....keep him for another 27 years at least!

Finn said...

Hi Leslie, your sampler is just beautiful!! What a lovely and heartfelt gift..*VBS* You are a lucky lady, indeed. Congratulations on your anniversary. *VBS*

Holly said...

Hi Leslie, Lovely finish! I had this pattern but I've somehow managed to lose it...would you be willing to part with yours? Or maybe I could borrow it? I'd love to stitch it for my anniversary, too - 35 years this October.