Friday, September 01, 2006


I took last Friday off and after the Estate sale, DH and I drove to the coast for a day away.
When I lived in San Diego as a child, we said 'we're going to the beach'. When I lived in New England as a teen, we said 'we're going to the seashore'. When I moved here to go to college and people said 'we're going to the coast', I wondered what the difference was. But the Pacific Northwest coast isn't about 'beaching it' like one does in Southern California, or in the resort towns of Cape Cod for example. It's about hiking down a rocky cliff-line, usually dressed in hiking shoes wearing a sweater and/or windbreaker against the stiff breezes and/or fog. :D

Still and all I love going. We get out of town, wind our way up through the Willits grade and turn west. This hwy takes us through many different types of natural environments, from scrub oak to redwood forest to seaside. The temperature gradually drops and the air becomes fresher and cooler. The drive over in the convertible is almost as refreshing as laying on the shore listening to the sea birds and surf.

This little guy was extremely patient with the tourists. The sign said, "Please do not disturb the seals. Keep pets on a leash. Wildlife are sensitive to human voices and pet noise." But did the humans pay any attention?? No, several people were seen with their dogs off the leash, standing on the shore barking away at the seals. So annoying. Humans are amazing sometimes.

This is DH and I, after he'd explored the photo opportunities and I'd had my nap in the sun. It's sooo amazing to lay on the sun warmed sand, breathe the highly ionized air, and drift off with the sound of the waves swishing and slipping away in the background. I was completely toasty and he was chilled, with hands like ice from being out in the wind with his camera. He thawed out though once he got out of the wind.

This is looking east at Lake MacKerriker. I liked the different grasses and bullrushes growing along the shore.

We had lunch at our favorite Ft Bragg resturant and this time I opted for something besides their beer battered Fish and Chips. It was hard deciding what to have - I was so hungry it *all* looked good. But as I always say, hunger is a great flavor enhancer. :D

We headed home shortly thereafter. It had been a lovely day and a very nice way to celebrate our anniversary. Thanks for the memories drhrt.


Lucy said...

Wow leslie, where you have been is breathtaking! I add it on my list for once in my life to visit ! ( when my kids our flew out... to expensive with the 6 of us :-(

Your country have so many beautiful places

Rosy said...

What a absolutly wonderful way to celebrate your special day! I can "feel" the sea air in your words! ;D