Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Late Summer's Daydream

Last spring I posted pictures from my walk along the pathways west of my office building. Lately I've been thinking, "What's growing now that it's mid-September and it hasn't rained in four + months? The following are a few of the plants and silhouettes I see.

Left: Last year's Anise

Right: This year's Anise

I like to pinch off the tiny dried seeds and crunch them between my teeth. For such a small granule, you get a lot of licorice flavor.

These are all considered 'weeds', which I guess means they aren't valued by some people. But I think they have a beauty all their own.

This one is a shrub along the walk-way at work, so it is watered. But I love the way the leaves are turning purple on the end of each stalk.

~ One is often closest to God in a garden ~

Well sometimes all the world seems like a garden if you just look.


Rosy said...

You are right! God does give beauty to even weeds.Your photos do give the weeds a prettier look rather than "just being weeds"; except the one w/tiny "pretty" yellow flowers known as "Puncture Vine" or when the pretty little flowers turn into lethal "goatheads", a very invasive and hard to control menace. A farmers/gardeners scourge!!

Leslie said...

As I created this blog I wished I had the names of the plants... do you know any others? It didn't occur to me to ask my ag friend. =)