Friday, October 06, 2006

Indian Summer

I call this quilt Indian Summer. I finished it in 1992. I think every quilter ends up making at least *one* sampler quilt. It's such a great opportunity to play with color and experiment with pattern and design. This quilt was taken from a layout that used ten block patterns twice each. But I only got as far as six used twice and finished it. Look at the blocks and see if you can match the pairs. There's always at least one pair that stumps people.

This block is called "Indian Corn". I'd never seen it before, nor since. Sure like it though. Machine pieced, machine quilted.

Course the Autumn sunlight was a little harsh during the picture taking, but you get the general idea.


Melzie said...

nice :) I esp. like the indian corn one! xoxo melzie

Rosy said...

Nice combination of colors the patterns are neat,especially the Indian corn ! I bet it feels as cozy as it looks!
Hey...I used my Bday quilt right after the FLQS. It is so cosy! It is going "fishing" next week!