Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wood Work

Finally made myself go out and stack firewood yesterday. It’s been sitting where the delivery man dumped it for almost nine months. It’s hard to think about needing to heat the house with wood when it’s July and near 100ْ outside. But stack the firewood I did. Since my sons were visiting for the Fourth of July, I enlisted my youngest son’s help. He has a strong back, he can stack twice the amount I can in half the time; or so it seems. The pile before.
Despite the fact that my husband would say I need to have my head examined, I enjoy stacking wood. I like picking just the right piece from the jumbled pile and choosing where to place it on the stack. The individual logs nest together in niches and nooks, building rows.The rows add up and pretty soon you can stand back and admire your work. Like fitting bricks together in masonry… well maybe not. But I really like tasks that bring order out of chaos and this is one of them.
The stack after.
Lunch sure tasted good after this chore. We'll probably have another cord delivered before fall, so there's going to be that much more to stack, but the one thing I like about firewood? It waits patiently for you come stack it.

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