Friday, June 30, 2006

What's In a Name

While blog hopping the other day I got lost.
I went from Pieces of Time to Pieces from My Scrapbag to Mismatched Quilter to Going to Pieces. At that point I couldn’t remember where I’d been and who I’d read!! This blog leads to that blog, which leads to this external site, which leads back to this blog. It becomes a labyrinth. The lines blur because pretty much all the blogs I read are by quilters, drawn to color, fabric, patterns, fabric, ideas, projects and… did I mention fabric? After Bonnie from Quiltville visited her friend in Holland she said, “Fabric is the universal language among quilters.” *Going * It’s so true.

I have not visited any sites - blogs or otherwise - that call themselves Fabric Whore or Yarn Harlot. Who would want to refer to themselves by such a title? I’m not a prude, but pleeze, have some decency, have some self respect. I may dream in color, long for more time to draft, plan, sew and fondle fabric, but I hope I never prostitute myself for the craft.😊

I’ve been in a quilt mini-group for about five years. The members were originally all from the local quilt guild. Some have dropped out and others have been invited to join as time has gone on, but we’re always around eight in number, give or take a few. We meet once a month and take turns meeting in each others homes to sew, talk and of course eat. I love this group of women. We’re all varied in ages, years at quilting and the type of quilts we enjoy making. But we all love color, fabric, design and sharing with others who enjoy the same. But we didn’t have a name for the first two year, just ‘mini-group.’

The first time I asked the group what we’d like to call ourselves we tossed ideas around; The Pinheads, The Sew n Sews, Stitch n Chat. But we never really hit on a name that stuck. A lot of quilt mini-groups have fun, interesting names; The Pointless Sisters, The Bag Ladies, The Quilt til You Wilt-ers. I thought it would be fun to have a catchy name, something that made you smile and made you think of quilting when you heard it. The second time I asked the group about a name, we brain-stormed, we thought of quilt block names that might work, we considered “Hens and Chicks”… but that didn’t really fly (oooo, bad pun, sorry). “Corn and Beans”? Well who was the corn and no one wanted to be the beans! So the naming effort fizzled yet again. The third time I asked the group about a name, one of the women finally said, “What’s the big deal? Why do we need a name anyway. So What?” I said, “THAT’S IT! Sew What!!” And it stuck. We’ve been the Sew What’s ever since.

Now I think we need to come up with a logo.

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