Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eight Pointed Star Strippy

Another completed flimsey from a UFO that's been on the shelf, yay! I talked about the blocks in July 2006 and the assembly in September 2006, if you want to read more about it. Sometimes it just takes a little problem solving to bring a quilt back into the working mode.

I cut the red outer border from the repeat border print (remnant) I had and then shopped for the right navy to border and bind. Very Fun! And I still like it. Sometimes when things sit too long, I fall out of love with them, but not this one.

One of the things I like about this quilt is the back story. In 2005 I made a blue and beige quilt for my son that I called Reflections. It used a method that created a bizillion HST's - which I couldn't throw away.

Even after I pieced the border I had too many left over to toss.

My quilty friend Su was *also* making this quilt. We found out we were making the same quilt quite by accident the day we both worked the Quilt Demonstration table at the County fair. I brought blocks to piece and when she understood what I was making, just about fell off her chair. "I'm making that *same* quilt - only in RED!" Without missing a beat I said, "What are you doing with your HST's?" I always want to know what quilters do with the bit that's cut away and usually tossed, there's so much *potential* there. She thought she might make a pieced border from them but hadn't decided yet.

That fall she entered her quilt in the guild fair, dissing it a little and saying the machine quilting wasn't very good. I entered mine too but as exhibit only. She won second place, knocked her socks off! And the red ribbon goes very well with the quilt, don't you think? - Once she was done piecing her border she gave me the leftover HST's and I began piecing these eight pointed star blocks.

An unplanned collaboration, serendipity!


Susan said...

I love your blue and beige Reflections quilt, Leslie! I might have to copy it -- if I ever get my current Ph.D. done! I'll remember that -- so much better-sounding than UFOs. Someone the other day was talking about FUFOs (Future Unfinished Objects) -- our heads are full of those too!

Hope you're feeling better . . .

Fabricfaire said...

You always have a "aha" moments!
I love the blue and beige also and I am working on a "mystery quilt" in those colors!!

Marian said...

I like the blue and beige, too. But I really like the Red and Blue 8 pointed strippy stars. Just love your use of the border fabric.