Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wisteria Stars - Part Three

November 8
I started to think I might be able to finish this year and gift them at Christmas. That would be so cool. I washed the batt and pieced the back. I'm surprised I don't have pictures of the back, it's really pretty too. I included one of the pieced blocks and used the same color scheme of green, purple and yellow, and I busted yards of stash too.

November 18
Marian sent me pictures of the progress from her iphone.

First row

She sent me an enthusiastic email telling me how it filled the machine from end to end and the lines were really straight. "Good piecing, well done lady!" That was nice.

Half done

Corner motif

Quilting from the back

November 24
Preparing to bind. Did I tell you it measures 98" x 103". That's a lot of binding...

Once the binding and label were on, I arranged to wash it at Su's house; she has a front loading machine which was perfect for the job. I took it home and spread it flat on the living room floor in front of the wood stove. It was about 80 degrees in there for the first few hours and the quilt was dry by morning. Washing it settled the stitches into the batting and man! did it punch up the quilting, brought it out in clear relief.

December 22

December 24
I spread it out on the bed and put a sign on the door: "Do not open until Christmas Eve". They didn't have to wonder very long what was behind door number 1.

They were thrilled!

And they were willing to share.

I think this is the most well documented quilt I've posted so far. I hope you've enjoyed reading the story; I've had a great time telling it.


Anonymous said...

That was so fun!!! Loved seeing all the steps. Thank you for sharing the process. I'm so glad that you had such a good time making it. We love sleeping under it every night. I'm really lucky to have such a caring and talented MIL!
Luv u! ~Dee.

Lindah said...

Wow, Leslie, striking design and colors! And huuuge! Interesting to follow your progress. Finding a place to work on such a large project is a challenge --and a machine that is up to the challenge, too. Lucky kids!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Look at those happy faces!! Beautiful quilt I'm sure it will be well loved and used.

Susan said...

It's simply stunning, Leslie -- and you can tell how much they like it! Thanks for the production journal, it's always interesting to see someone else's process.

Fabricfaire said...

At last....whew, I have been looking forward to this viewing of your marvelous work! You truly are an angel of a MIL!

Shasta said...

It is an absolutely gorgeous quilt - love the way you sashed it to bring out a secondary design. I really enjoyed the quilt story.