Thursday, January 14, 2010

Current Insanity

I saw a Pineapple Mini during Show n Tell at our guild last month and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. No one had a picture so I surfed Google images, got some ideas and drafted it in EQ.

Stunning! I love it! Well it's paper pieced, naturally, but when I saw the size of the pp pattern, no way!

So I pulled strips from the 1-1/2" bins, cut the strips in half and worked with those. It was fun in a weird, totally absorbed, not-thinking-about-anything-else way, that is to say, completely focused. Do I *want* to concentrate this hard at nine at night after a full day at work, what's going on?

It's not a true pineapple, since the white round aren't trapezoids but it's a start. And it went fine until I got tired... then I cut off the seam allowance for the next round.

Maybe I should try it when I'm fresh.


Heckety said...

Golly me but that is TINY? Whatever about cutting off the seam allowance, I'd be cutting off bits of my fingers! More power to you!

chris d. said...

wow leslie that is very small. I love the pinnapple quilt. I am slowly getting ready to work on one myself for my daughter in oklahoma

Fabricfaire said...

Very nice!

Vivian said...

I have always loved the pineapple block but after starting paper-piecing one some time back I vowed to find a better way (and that one is still in the UFO pile -- but I'll get back to it!)

I did discover the "Pineapple Rule" by Possibilities (Lynda Mulligan and Nancy Smith). With it you can sew rectangles around the sides of the block and the ruler helps you trim the rounds into the trapezoid shape. My first "test" block became a journal cover.

Haven't used it to make a full project yet but the ruler was easy to use. The instructions on their site are for a 12" block -- way bigger than what you are trying to make but I suspect by adjusting the strip widths/lengths you could do any size block. It's available from their site or a google search of other vendors.