Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work Day

Once we got home from Oregon the work on the new place for DS1 and DIL-to-be began in earnest. What started as a plan to repair the bathrooms and repaint turned into a major refurbishing of a much neglected house.

We're smiling in the photos, but at the end of the day we felt we'd barely made a dent. DH and I have gone down to help a few weekends this month, but a lion-sized part of the work's been done evenings and weekends when we weren't there. The pictures don't show the day DS1 went under the house and spent seven hours replacing all the HVAC ducting; or the day the slider had to be ripped out and completely replaced. But they're making it their own in the process. I guess I know first hand now what sweat equity is. :D

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Fabricfaire said...

It is so nice that you will be a part of those memories !!! What a good feeling they will have knowing that they made their first home so clean and cosy....w/your help!