Sunday, June 07, 2009

Scrap Bag Plus

I recently received another scrap bag from a woman in my guild.

I really enjoy going through each piece, sorting, grouping, making color palettes for quilts that might get made someday.

Here's the cull halfway through. There are several stacks of pre-cut strips, another stack of near fat quarters and at least three sets of orphan blocks, almost enough to make baby or nap sized quilts; with more of the same prints in the bag. It felt like Christmas! :D Her colors are so clear and bright, tangerine, lime green and hot pink. Her combinations are free-form and don't follow any of the 'rules'.

Going through someone else's scrap bag is like browsing their bookshelf, it's like an echo of who they are. I've always admired this woman's quilts for children's charity, but seeing the scrap bag, I'm not any closer to understanding how she does it. I can't even begin to put colors together the way she does.


Fabricfaire said...

Lucky you!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Someone else scraps are always so much more interesting than our own. Have fun!