Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hoover-Minthorn Museum

Picture from the internet

My son and his fiance' and I went to the Hoover Minthorn museum in Newberg, Oregon. This was the home of Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States from 1885-1889
. The weekend we were there they had a small display of quarter-sized quilts made by the local guild inspired by quilts from the Oregon Trail, as well as a few full-sized vintage quilts.

This was my favorite, I love the quilting. The Double X blocks are about four inches finished. The bedroom had the original furnishings and was roped off, hence the odd angle of the photo. The pillow is draped with a sweet Redwork sham. We didn't take any pictures of the rooms but I was struck by how small they were. The parlor would pass for an entry in one of our current homes and the kitchen could allow the three of us to stand and barely turn around. Amazing, we have such space now.


Susan said...

You are so right about the space we have now! I toured the Molly Brown house in Denver last year, expecting Biltmore Estate-size rooms, but they were so small, it felt really cramped. How did they get a family of four plus seven servants in that place? Even the ballroom on the top floor was smaller than the average family room today. It's interesting to take these trips into the past.

Fabricfaire said...

I think the fact that there were none of home entertainment goodies and conservatisim play a great part in the construction of those homes. The quilts are charming! Nice to learn some history!